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Cas haley album

Cas haley album might magic 6 CAS HALEY - LA SI DAH Download TRACKLIST 01. Jackson 02. La Dah 03. Mama 04. Wait For Me 05.

After the spotlight of “America’s Got Talent” and that show’s afterglow, Cas Haley finally has the music career that suits him best. He recently took a break from working the land at his Paris home to talk about art rather than commerce. And, oh, by the way, he’s got a new album; he does need to make a living. Haley finished second to ventriloquist-singer Terry Fator on “America’s Got Talent” in 2007, just missing out on the $1,000,000 prize and the show’s “best new act in America” title. That led to a brief stint inside the big business of the music industry. Singer/Songwriter Cas Haley has announced a Go Fund Me campaign today for a health crisis in his family. Cas last week posted to his fans, “On April 19th, 2018, my wife Cassy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her type of cancer is an aggressive form called High Grade Ductal Carcinoma. She is what they call a ‘Triple Negative.’ In triple negatives, they don’t know what feeds the cancer and that makes it harder to treat, but it is curable.” He added, “We are in for a long fight, but we are hopeful. We just began our treatment plan starting with 5 months of intense chemo, which will be followed by a double mastectomy and, most likely, a hysterectomy.” This has hit Cas and the community around him deeply. Cas haley album gmat word list free Year, Album, Peak, Certifications sales threshold. US · US Reggae, Year End Reggae. 2008, Cas Haley. Released February 14. CAS HALEY - LA SI DAH Download TRACKLIST 01. Jackson 02. La Dah 03. Mama 04. Wait For Me 05.